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Stena Line 成立于1962年哥德堡, 現已成為世界上最大的渡輪公司之一, 擁有來自50多個國家的5600多名員工。我們還擁有歐洲最全面的航線網絡之一, 其航線位于斯堪的那維亞、英國和波羅的海周邊。
Stena Line 滿足旅行中的各種需求,無論是簡單的休閑游覽,還是有目的地的去往新的國家。Stena Line 提供給您多達10個國家的接連方式,使您的旅途充滿各種可能,領略各個目的地的人文和風景。

Stena Line

Stena Line offers trips for every need and occasion, whether simply travelling for pleasure or a route to a destination. Stena Line provides sustainable links across Europe, taking you towards new destinations, people and cultures.
We are Stena Line
? One of the world’s largest ferry operators with more than 28 700 trips every year.
? Transport 7.6 million passengers, 1.7 million cars and 2.1 million freight units every year.
? 38 vessels in operation on 20 ferry routes between ten countries in Northern Europe.
? 5,600 employees from more than 50 nationalities.
? Leader in sustainable shipping with 300 + implemented energy saving projects.
? Aim to become the become the leading cognitive ferry company in the world by 2021.
? A turnover of 14 billion SEK.

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