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Go Fjords是一家新成立的公司,由渡輪和快艇運營商——北導有限公司(Norled)和旅游客運公司——帝德有限公司(Tide)組成。創立Go Fjords初衷是為了更好地為用戶提供峽灣旅程的體驗。

Go Fjords是您在挪威峽灣旅游的指南者,并主旨創造難以忘懷的美好時光。我們能為您提供舒適的觀光船和巴士,帶您前往欣賞美麗的隱世村落,或是著名景點,讓您既能看到壯觀景色,又能深入了解地方特色;讓您感到心跳加速、雞皮疙瘩同時,在大自然中渾然忘我。在這里您會不禁發出“哇哦!”,“你看見……了嗎?!”或是‘’太不可思議了!“這樣的感嘆。現在就和我們一起,享受這個獨特而難忘的旅程吧!

About Go Fjords——Big and small fjord experiences

Go Fjords is a new company owned by the ferry and express boat company Norled, together with the bus and travel company Tide. It was established as a result of our common desire to make your fjord experience even better.

Go Fjords is your guide to the Norwegian fjords and memories that will last you a lifetime. Let us take you by comfortable boats and buses to small gems and big experiences. To sights which give you both stunning views and fascinating insight, goosebumps, a racing pulse and peace in your soul. To “Wow!”, “Have you seen..:” and “Is that even possible?!” To contrasts and scenery which you will never have seen the like of before. Join us on experiences which will stay with you for life.

Go Fjords聯系方式

地址:挪威卑爾根Strandkaien 15,5013 Bergen Norway

電話:+47 4806 0333

電子郵件: [email protected]