Vy 集團(原NSB挪威國家鐵路)

NSB自2019年4月24日起,正式更名為Vy集團。集團主要業務是為挪威和國際客戶提供包括峽灣、山脈和文化體驗在內的旅游活動。Vy集團的大部分旅游相關業務是通過其部分控股公司Flam Development和Fjord Tours (fjordtours.com)進行的。

Vy - 提供歐洲最美麗的火車旅行之一: 卑爾根鐵路之旅,也被稱為通往峽灣的山地列車,既舒適又環保。

代理機構請發送郵件至[email protected]訂購火車票。

Fjordtours – 選擇包含挪威特色活動的峽灣往返之旅,體驗挪威最精華的部分。

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Our tourism business offer adventures including fjords, mountains and cultural experiences to both Norwegian and international customers. The bulk of Vy’s travel-related operations are conducted through our partially owned companies Fl?m Development and Fjord Tours (fjordtours.com).

Vy  – Offer one of Europe’s most scenic train journeys: the Bergen Railway, also known as the mountain track to the fjords. The trains are comfortable as well as environmentally friendly. 

HOW TO BOOK TRAIN JOURNEYS (for agents) Vy train tickets for agents are available through [email protected] 

Fjordtours - Experience the best of Norway: Round trips to Norwegian highlights and activities.

HOW TO BOOK ROUNDTRIPS IN NORWAY (for agents) Roundtrips in Norway are available through Fjordtours.com: [email protected]

Vy 集團(原NSB挪威國家鐵路)聯系方式

地址:Schweigaardsgate 23, Oslo


電子郵件: [email protected]

官方網站:Vy trains: vy.no; Roundtrips: fjordtours.com